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Miracle Minds and the Love Dogs

Have you ever heard of Miracle Minds Therapy? They provide mental health resources on-site at Las Vegas schools as well as counseling off-site. We got a crisis call to bring a therapy dog to help the students at a school that experienced the death of a student which is now a criminal investigation. Because it is spring break week they could not go into the school but rather invited anyone who wants counseling to one of their clinics.  I packed up Charlie and off we went. We had worked with the therapist before and she was so grateful we could come on such short notice. This visit was the start of our relationship with Miracle Minds and we look forward to being their on-call therapy program. Charlie was outstanding. He was so calm and gentle and because he loves being held and cradled, the perfect dog for this assignment.  We appreciate being trusted with these very important visits.


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