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Sometimes it's enough just to be held

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

When we go through the evaluation process with new Pet Partner candidates, they always question the need for a Restraining Hug. Why must the evaluator hold our animal in a tight hold for a specific period of time? Well, we want to see how comfortable the animal is being held closely, by new hands, in a position that might restrain their mobility and see if they truly enjoy being close to people. Also in some instances the owner may have to restrain their pet to keep it safe.

So no squirming, jumping, barking, nervousness or aggression can be displayed during this element of the Pet Partners evaluation. And it is conducted for all species we register.

This is the clearest way to see if the animal is a born therapy pet … the natural therapy animals just settle in and enjoy the close hold. Some even sigh and take a nap!

And for the clients, sometimes it’s just enough to hold a calm, peaceful, gently breathing soul in their laps. And for the best therapy animals, this is always enough.

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