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The biggest dog, the greatest success

To have a really effective animal assisted therapy program you have to pay considerable attention to the matches that are made.

The match between handler and animal.

The match between facility and program.

The match between client and animal.

The match between human therapist and handler and animal.

The match between need and skill set.

When all these factors come into play and the perfect match is made you have a successful program.

When you join the Pet Partners of Las Vegas / Love Dog Adventures team, you are invited to shadow without your animal. This gives you a great opportunity to visit several assignments and see what each one requires of handler and animal.

Sometimes through the shadowing experience you can determine where you and your animal would fit best, where your animal will shine and you will feel the most fulfilled.

But be open-minded because some of the best matches have come out of surprises! When a very large Luci first visited with her adopted school, they were wary if such a huge Great Dane would be the best fit for their students. And of course it is the perfect match!

Sometimes it takes several tries to find the perfect fit. But you just know when the right match is made and nothing is impossible after that.


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