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Pet Partners of Las Vegas / Love Dog Adventures is the Nevada Community Partner Affiliate program of the national therapy organization Pet Partners. This means that all of our volunteer handlers and animals have been trained, tested and insured by Pet Partners.


  • Remember, we are not just dogs! We evaluate and register dogs, cats, rats and guinea pigs, equines (horses, mini horses, ponies, donkeys and mini donkeys), rabbits, alpacas and llamas, pigs and birds.

  • And we welcome Volunteers without your own pet.

To become a Pet Partners registered therapy team member:

  1. Complete the Pet Partners Handler Workshop (in-person without your pet or online)

  2. Complete the Pet Partners Health Screening for your pet

  3. Pass the Pet Partner Evaluation

  4. Register with Pet Partners

To become part of the Pet Partners of Las Vegas / Love Dog Program:


  1. Complete the above Pet Partners requirements

  2. Attend the Animal Therapy Clinic – advanced training hours with your dog

  3. Shadow the Pet Partners of Las Vegas teams without your pet

  4. Once you have passed the Pet Partners Evaluation and are Registered, begin by being mentored by an experienced therapy team

  5. Volunteer with the Pet Partners of Las Vegas program


Contact (917-301-4710) for the next available class schedule and arrange to attend a Free Orientation as your first step to becoming a Pet Partners Therapy Team member.

Benefits of being part of Pet Partners of Las Vegas


  • Discounted Pet Partners Registration fees

  • Complimentary Pet Partners Bandana for your pet

  • Complimentary Pet Partners of Las Vegas / Love Dog Adventures t-shirts

  • Customized Trading Cards created for your pet (our signature take away)

  • Additional customized training to work in specific environments

  • Continuing education, shadowing and mentoring

  • Opportunity to be a part of a team and work alongside other teams

  • Opportunity to participate in Las Vegas College visits (all the institutions are partnered with Love Dogs)

  • Opportunity to participate in the Love Dog Anti-Bully initiative in the schools

  • Opportunity to participate in large events, conferences, conventions representing Pet Partners and Love Dogs

  • Participation in the Love Dog Story Time or Read With Me activity

  • Opportunity to work with populations and environments exclusive to Love Dogs

Some things to consider as you begin your therapy team journey


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Is my pet temperamentally and behaviorally reliable?

  • Is my pet comfortable in a variety of settings?

  • Does my pet seek out new experiences with unfamiliar people?

  • Does my pet not only accept hugging and petting, but enjoy it?

  • Is my pet friendly / calm and neutral around other animals?

  • Do I feel confident in my ability to control my pet?

  • Does my pet have basic obedience and not jump or bark?

  • Am I friendly with people and comfortable in unfamiliar settings?

  • Can I raise the skill level of my pet and take the time, energy and motivation to do this?

  • Do I have the time to commit to a volunteer assignment?

  • Do I find joy in sharing my love for my pet with others?

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