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A bittersweet visit

Benny used to work in the rehab gym weekly. He returned today for a visit and it was almost like old times. He is much older now and slower and can’t do some of the amazing behaviors he used to do. But he is still Benny. And the wonderful welcome the therapists gave him was heartwarming. He visited with a few patients and watched them go through their exercise. He was inspirational and motivational! They could see he was a bit tired but once they heard his “story” they understood. They get tired too!

He lay down on his blanket on the mat and watched one gentleman walk the whole length of the bar. Then he sat with a woman on her lap as she told us all about her poodle! And one man wanted to hold Benny between his steps to encourage and reward him for going on. It is bittersweet for me to go to these places again. I remember how much Benny could do and his stamina. But as I am reminded every day the New Benny is just as precious and still has an important job to do. We are hoping to participate in the Stroke Support Group again and share Benny’s story with them to prove you should never give up!

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