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Back to UNLV

This is National Gun Violence Survivor Week so of course we were back at UNLV Lied Library where we spent hours in lockdown with the students on December 6. Today’s visit was quite different from past ones. The room was much more somber. We had bursts of laughter but overall the students were more serious and everyone wanted to share their experiences from December 6. Many were in the Student Union or the area closest to the shooting. Many said they will never forget the sound of gun shots. They were especially happy to see the therapy dogs today and we never had more hugs or belly rubs or lots of petting. Never underestimate the power of touch. One student ran up to us and told everyone she shared the bus ride with Charlie. Another said he waited upstairs in the Library and only hoped they would let them in the room with the dogs. Thank you to our amazing volunteers and their incredible dogs. This is why we do his – the currency for volunteers was truly evident today.  We were all richly “paid.”



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