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Benny in the gym

Benny worked in a rehabilitation hospital for many years. We had several other dogs visiting there but Benny was the star of the gym. He worked with clients assisting with their physical and occupational therapy and was so good at it. But he has not been back there since Covid suspended our program until today. We went in today and many of our old friends were there. The goal was to see if Benny would be able to return, even occasionally. He is older now and would not be suitable for the physical elements of a rehab dog. BUT he sure did enjoy seeing his friends. He walked right down to the gym. I helped him up on his blanket and he was loved on by the staff. I think we will add a monthly visit to his schedule as it really made him happy. And clients in the gym can enjoy his company. Maybe he will even participate in the stroke support groups again.

And this way we can teach another team to do some of the rehab work he did when an appropriate team comes up. That would be such a pleasure for both of us.

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