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Buddy is a therapy dog

Buddy passed his first Pet Partners evaluation with flying colors. Consider that a year ago he was rescued from a horrible future in China and came to American not even speaking English! He is a testament to what love and care and patience can achieve. He just loves being held and cuddled and petted. He learned so much these past six months. For the skills portion of the test, he did really well, paying attention and completing each task. Maybe because we did have a language challenge at first, he learned everything with signals and still responds to our unique communication style the best. Sometimes it just takes a look from me and he knows exactly what is asked of him.  But where he really excels is the aptitude part of the test. He just loves crowds and people and all the attention and today he had a ball.


We are a team and I am so proud of him. This little poodle came across the world and found his calling.  

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