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Buddy loves the teens

I brought Buddy to our regular Monday assignment with teens in the Southern Hills Hospital Pavilion Behavioral Health Hospital. He was perfect and thoroughly enjoyed himself. I see now after a few visits where he is most comfortable and thrives. He enjoys this facility more than Charlie does now that he is slowing down so this may become Buddy’s permanent gig. Charlie will continue with the larger events and schools which he loves. You are always reassessing where you go with your therapy pets as they age and change.  We can’t take photos of the teens in the hospital but Buddy was leaning on everyone’s lap and just snuggling in as close as he could get. Then I took Buddy after our session to get his hospital badge made which we hadn’t had time to do before. He thoroughly enjoyed visiting staff as well. So let’s see if he is up to doing both buildings in the future. I think he can!

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