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Charlie found us

The shelter named him Coco. No, not THAT Coco but a little boy Coco. He was a mess. Found on the street, he was so matted you could barely see his eyes. The hair was so tightly stuck to his skin it must have been painful. He was stinky, didn’t have all his vaccinations, and was the friendliest dog you ever met. He didn’t need just a bath or grooming. He needed a total shave. He also needed to have his teeth checked and be neutered and have blood work and all sorts of other diagnostic tests done. His tail never stopped wagging. As much as he could walk because the hair on his body was so stuck, he had a pep in his step. He tried to trot. He smelled awful and was sticky. He made very distinct eye contact and looked just so sad. Finally he walked through the doggy door back into his kennel and just lay down, facing his potential adopter. He had been so neglected for so long no one really knew what kind of dog he was. But the guess was a Shih Tzu, Havanese, Lhasa Apso or all three!

After several hours spent looking at each other, and then taking slow steps for a short walk, a love match was made. The volunteers kept coming by asking if he was going to be adopted. His potential adopter was hooked.

But a serious plan had to be devised. He couldn’t go straight home where there were other dogs because he was not fully vaccinated and no fecal had been done. What if he had parasites or worse? It was not safe to bring him home. So plans were made to bring him directly to his new mom’s vet and they would do everything that needed to be done to bring out the beauty that was already in his spirit. The list is long: total shave, blood work, dental exam, complete his vaccinations, fecal test, heart exam, neuter and who knows what else. But he was in excellent hands now and step by step he would be cared for and his health determined. So he was adopted and pranced out to freedom.

He will be at the vet for a while getting everything done and his health status assessed, Once he is stable he will meet his new brother and sister who will be brought to the clinic to meet him in a neutral spot.

Coco is now Charlie and all mine!

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