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Dante is a pioneer

Then we had the privilege of doing something never done before with Pet Partners. Dante is blind and has been a therapy dog for two years. But now for his renewal evaluation Dante was tested wearing the Blindsight sonar device. Pet Partners has to approve any equipment other than their standard fare so they researched the Blindsight and approved Dante wearing it. It helps guide him around objects with sonar much as a bat would navigate. Laurie is an excellent handler and guided him through every exercise seamlessly while educating our volunteers on what he was wearing and how it helped him navigate. The neutral dog had no issue with it at all – didn’t even notice Dante was blind! They had a perfect score and tested Complex Level. It was their strong bond and superb relationship that made this work. They volunteer with a very special group of people and Dante will surely motivate them to use every tool they can to live as full a life as possible. We are proud to have them on our team.

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