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Horses go to college

Katie brought her mini horses Scarlet and Angel to Nevada State University for their first visit on campus. Pamela joined her so they could have both Scarlet and Angel there and they were an instant hit.  Here is the feedback we just received:

“Katie,  thank you so much for bringing Scarlet and Angel to visit us at Nevada State yesterday! Please pass on my thanks to Pam as well. We had a record-breaking turnout with 263 attendees including students, faculty, and staff. It was wonderful to witness the powerful emotional connection people were making with the horses. Some quotes that our team overheard include:

  • "This IS therapeutic."

  • "I've already forgotten what I was annoyed about earlier."

  • "Such a great event. I'm so happy!"

Our social media specialist also shared this across on Instagram which received 534 likes and counting! This is the most engagement I have ever seen on one of their posts! Thank you again for making this special event possible! It has made a noticeable impact on our students and staff. “


Looking forward to many more amazing visits.



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