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Las Vegas is hot!

We had a wonderful visit with the children at Child Haven. But it was very hot for the dogs and they had a tough time. It is going to be an extraordinarily hot summer so we are going to suspend some of our visiting until it cools down. The animals’ welfare always comes first and just going out to potty or walk to their car was a lot for them, even in booties. Temperatures over 100 degrees makes visiting challenging here in Las Vegas. Half an hour was max for the pups so we will suspend for July and August and resume in the fall.

The hardest decisions to make now are choosing what we can and can’t do with our therapy pets. We waited over a year and a half to return to our community partners and to have to say “Wait two more months” was difficult. But some environments are just not suitable in the summer and everyone has understood.

Thank you to Karen and Louie, Linsey and Chip and Teddy for showing lots of love to the children. They will see you in the fall.

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