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National Pet Day

We were scheduled to be outside the Emergency Room tonight to greet staff as they left for the day or arrived for their shift. But the wind really made that plan impossible. So we moved into the lobby and had three dogs, a bunny and a hairless guinea pig for everyone to meet. It was a superb visit! The teams were so happy to be there and everyone who stopped by was delighted to see us there again. Some looked for an old friend like Benny and others were mesmerized with animals they never knew could be a therapy pet such as Espresso and Bunny. And some just loved having two Yellow Labs at the same time! Patient visitors were surprised to see animals in the lobby! And they were the most excited to meet everyone. Thank you to Susan and Angel, Kristy, Charles and Bunny, Laura and Espresso, Kristin and Gogo and Benny for an outstanding visit.

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