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Scarlet at work

Scarlet made her debut at Southern Hills Hospital today and was quite the hit. The staff and visitors are used to seeing our Pet Partners therapy animals, dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs and cats in the lobby but a horse! Scarlet came with her handler Katie and assistant Pam and two of our equine volunteers. She had her special pink glittery shoes on and started by standing on her floor covering. Then she decided it would be fun to walk around a little. We had press coverage from all the media and can’t wait to see the clips. Scarlet is certainly a star! She is in big demand for visits and we are choosing where she goes carefully. She may also take on a regular assignment or two as well as events. Katie has three other mini horses and the next one to be evaluated will be Angel. Angel is a special needs horse and is testing in June. Congratulations on such a wonderful day and experience for everyone who met Scarlet today.

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