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Scarlett and Angel continue to volunteer

We had two successful renewal evaluations yesterday. Katie tested with Scarlet her mini horse and with Angel her Dwarf horse. Both have been volunteering weekly with very special children and students and just love volunteering. Katie’s second handler Pamela joined us to watch one horse while the other went through their paces. Pamela will retest with both horses in the spring.

Katie is a superb handler. You can see the tight bond they have and that little horse just listens to her every word. They did very well on all the exercises especially when surrounded by lots of people. We even had lots of strange sounds around the test area and she never flinched.

Angel is a dwarf horse and has special needs. Her deformed feet don’t slow her down at all and she just loves interacting with people. Kate handles her so gently and lovingly, always exhibiting PETS and took her time to make sure Angel was comfortable throughout the test. Angel does really well being hugged and petted all over.

Congratulations and we look forward to another two years out in the field.

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