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Spencer is a Hospice Hero

The sign of a great volunteer is that they are always flexible, kind, patient and a team player. Today Carol exemplified all the qualities we seek in great volunteer handlers. We were scheduled to film a segment for Channel 8 at 10:00 am today. Carol didn’t want Spencer, her therapy cat, there for too long before shoot time so he was brought over closer to 10 am. He became familiar with the room and then we waited. And waited. And waited. Our wonderful liaison for Southwest Medical Hospice contacted the station and whomever else she needed to check with…where is everybody? By now Spencer had been there almost an hour and was still doing great. He lay on his blanket on the table and was purring and loving being brushed by Carol. Finally we learned there was a mix up and the film crew would not be coming --- but would they do a Zoom segment? Everyone went into Zoom mode and we went from an in-person interview to being interviewed over a phone! Carol, you are truly a trooper. Spencer, you rocked it! I can‘t tell you how proud we were watching Carol and Spencer ace the interview when she couldn’t even see the person speaking to her. It was an exceptional piece and should run in a few weeks. We will certainly share with you when it airs.

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