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Teddy's last visit

It has been three weeks since we lost Teddy and we are back to volunteering. Teddy went to his favorite place the day before he passed away, it was that sudden. And I returned with Benny. They know and love Benny too so the transition was easy. They knew about Teddy and was so kind to us. They put all their worries aside and wanted to make sure I was ok and that Benny felt all their love. I told them that I was especially pleased that the little fella’s last therapy visit was with them because he so trusted and loved them. I would tell him we are going to see our friends and he would perk right up. On Teddy’s last visit he was so chill and alert. There were no signs of what was to come. When I look back at these last photos of Teddy at work I see such a happy dog. He knew his job was done and he passed so peacefully. And when I brought Benny they gave him so much love as they could see his sadness. They understand having challenging days and situations in life and this was exactly what Benny needed to move on. We have several therapy teams that visit this facility but I do believe Teddy was very special to them. His greatest lesson was learning to love and trust fully and then being able to love and trust again.

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