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We are back with the kids!

We always said when we can be back with the children we will know the new normal is returning to the real normal. Today four therapy dogs spent time with a select group of children at a division of the Department of Family Services. It began as a staff visit, which we have been doing throughout Covid. But then some children came in. This is exactly what we needed, and our dogs needed. The children were tweens and teens and a few younger than that. Several were so happy to be the same age as Benny, twelve! One young boy told me he felt so calm with Benny on his lap. And one staffer said he never touched a Dalmatian before so he was over the moon to meet Chip. And Daisy was back in her element as she usually works with children in school and missed them so much. And Louie usually works next door in another division and felt right at home in this building. We will be scheduling regular visits again and truly felt needed and appreciated today. This one photo of Benny says it all … many more to come soon. Thank you to Chip, Daisy and Louie for joining Benny on this very special visit. Thank you to Barbara for being such a great photographer and friend.

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