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We celebrate Dash's life

We are saddened to let you know that Dash passed away yesterday. Dash was one of those therapy dogs that could do it all. He was a class dog for many years and attended conventions, wellness visits, worked in the Medical Examiner’s Office and visited with nursing students. And he was a cancer survivor for many years.

Dash was our first Italian Greyhound and proved to everyone they can indeed sit! He was just so special. Dash became a Pet Partners therapy dog in 2012 and was awarded our Spirit Award in 2017. His person Leslie serves on our board and had another therapy dog named Kobe who we also lost recently. Dash was pensive and thoughtful and loving. Dash went on his last visit just before he passed away to see a client who had become a dear friend. He was the first therapy dog who visited her in her group home years ago and now she was the one Leslie wanted to share his last visit.

We celebrate Dash’s life and career and send Leslie our sincerest condolences. We will miss you dearly but know you are now peaceful and surrounded by all your friends who were waiting for you.

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