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A few days later ...

Two days have gone by but we are still reeling from the experience we had at UNLV. Perhaps we were at the wrong place, but at the right time. Stories are starting to trickle out from volunteers, such as three students who spent the entire few hours of lockdown with Dude. They did not leave his side and he didn’t leave them. Some students gravitated toward Cash as they never thought a cattle dog could be so calm and steady. And many students were drawn to Xoco because who ever met a Mexican Hairless before! She climbed in laps and gave such comfort. And some students felt the most comfortable with Beatrice as she only wanted belly rubs and they thought of their dogs at home.  And Charlie was there to be passed around for deep hugs and cuddles. Thank you to Kristie and Beatrice, Jim and Dude, Laurie and Cash, Gabby and Xoco, Charlie and Shawn for showing everyone that great therapy pets are born, not made. These pups knew exactly what to do and we are grateful for you all.

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