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Benny at his best

Benny is such a happy dog. He has returned to his usual Monday morning assignment with his favorite group – teenagers. Teens may not be for everyone but he just loves being with them! Yes sometimes they walk out of the room, Sometimes they don’t listen, sometimes they get agitated and mad. Sometimes they just ignore him. But he understands them. That is the key. He has enormous empathy for his friends and lets them tell him their struggles and frustrations and sometimes we even share joyful times. As Benny gets older if we could only do one “job” this would be where he chooses to go. Our goal for each session is to bring about a breakthrough – whether it is just someone looking at him who showed no interest in the beginning or someone calming down enough to hold him or someone sharing their experiences with us. And perhaps the best part of the morning is the exceptional hospital staff we work with. No matter what else goes on, they are happy to see Benny and give him the love and validation he thrives on.

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