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Nevada State University welcomes us back

Updated: Apr 25


In 2013 Nevada State College (then) invited us to visit with students during study and finals week. This was our first event on campus and we have been there every since, several times a year. This season we had three visits around study/finals time and even had two mini horses spend time de-stressing the students! We love Nevada State University (now!) and always look forward to spending time chatting with the students, listening to them and of course having them love on or therapy pets.

This is the beautiful feedback we received from Alena Manjuck after our last visit:

"Thank you so much for gracing us with back-to-back visits for LNAP and finals. We have been so fortunate to have three visits from Pet Partners this semester! Please pass on my thanks to the volunteers—their ability to engage with the students, in addition to the human-animal bond, makes the experience so special. You can see the students light up when they talk about their own pets, and you know they feel safe and like they are being truly listened to when they share the challenges they are going through."


Thank you welcoming us so warmly and we look forward to each and every visit.


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