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Benny in the news again

The taping at KLAS Channel 8 with Southwest Medical Hospice went beautifully today. They decided to film us outside so I am really glad I brought Benny’s blanket so he could be comfortable. You always have to be prepared for anything! The person interviewing us was off camera but very close as was the cameraperson. They couldn’t believe how calm Benny was with all this action really close to him. And we wanted him to lean on the table and look at the person interviewing us! And he did. My boy was such a rock star. They loved how he gives big hugs and wanted to film that as well and the cameraperson got down on the floor to shoot from different angles. And Benny was just so chill. We spoke for over half an hour for a three minute segment! Can’t wait to see what they edit in. Thank you Amy, Josh and everyone at KLAS for such a stellar experience today. And thank you Benny for being one of a kind, the greatest therapy dog ever. I will share the piece when it airs in May.

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