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Benny is back

Benny returned to the behavioral health hospital where he spent many Mondays before Covid. Of course the clients were different, and there were some new staff members, but our coordinator was there so he felt right at home. From the moment we parked in the same spot we always parked in, he knew he was back. He sniffed the path from the car and walked calmly to the door. We signed in and my temperature was taken. Here we were asked to not wear a fabric mask but a medical grade one so I couldn’t wear my fun dog masks. We went in and passed the grassy area when Benny always stopped before we went to the unit and he was so happy to be there again. He met a few new staff members and off we went. It was one of the best sessions we ever had and reinforced why we do this and why Benny is such a natural therapy dog. I only wish we could take photos with the clients.

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