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Charlie and Dude visit together

When you join Pet Partners of Las Vegas you can volunteer at any of our numerous partnerships. We have educational, wellness, corporate, and healthcare opportunities across a broad range of populations and environments. But you can also select somewhere to visit on your own and we roll that facility into our roster and present them with our insurance etc. Jim and Dude wanted to visit at Avenir Senior Living and have become such an important part of their community. Everyone knows Dude ad Dude knows everyone. He is right at home there. Today I brought Charlie for a site visit as we hope to expand their therapy animal presence with additional teams down the road. It is good to have a smaller lap dog for this memory care population as well as a dog like Dude. Charlie was a great hit. For some of the clients we did an assisted hold and some were able to have him on their lap.  Thank you Jim for finding this lovely place and we are so proud of all you do for your community.


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