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Join us for a Free Orientation

I am thrilled that Kelly and Mildred will be with for our Pet Partners Orientation at Dogtopia South Summerlin in January 28 to share their experiences as a therapy dog team. So many people ask me how a “regular” dog can be a therapy dog if they are so full of energy.  Well they certainly can. Mildred is a very young Boxer who goes to Dogtopia and plays off leash for hours. But once her Pet Partners gear is on, she is the epitome of therapy dog, calm and gentle and steady and loving.  Join us for this free session to learn more about Pet Partners of Las Vegas and if you are a Dogtopia pet parent, discounts are offered through their Foundation! And you may attend if you have any other of our nine species since you come without your pets and don’t have to be a Dogtopia client to join in!

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