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Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine

You often don’t realize how much time has gone by until you resume visiting with your long term partnerships. We have been working with the School of Medicine since before it opened and now we missed two incoming classes. We weren’t at their orientation or there for monthly visits as they acclimate to medical school. But we returned today and it was fabulous. A new building is being built and the name is now the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine but the joy of the students meeting the therapy animals remains the same. Some of the students said they had heard therapy animals came to the school in the past and were so happy to meet us for the first time. And some students remembered us from right before we suspended visits and asked about dogs they had met before. We had three of the most perfect dogs for the students to meet: Chip the Dalmatian, Chewie the small Shih Tzu and Benny. We had something for everyone. The size room we were in was just right for three teams and the students could easily spend time with each dog during their break. We are delighted to continue our monthly visits and are so pleased that they want us back. Everyone agreed it was the best part of their day!

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