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Benny's Walk of Honor as he Retires

Benny is retiring now and went on his final visit with the teens at Southern Hills Pavilion Behavioral Health Hospital today. Charlie and Rocky will be assuming his future visits but today we celebrated the almost ten years Benny has been a hospital therapy dog. Over the years we witnessed many breakthroughs and miracles and sweet times and tough times. Benny was the first therapy dog at Southern Hills and we have brought over twenty five Pet Partners teams to the facility, including dogs, cats, bunnies, mini horses and even a hairless guinea pig. But Benny was always the anchor and is beloved by everyone. Benny has volunteered in all areas of the hospital but his times with the mental/behavioral health units were always where he did his best work. His last visit with the adolescents was amazing. Even the most challenged and challenging teen wanted to know and hold and understand this special little dog. They related to his story and know they too can perservere and have a healthy life. They put a Southern Hills t-shirt on him and it was way too large! But he somehow managed to walk in it. Then the staff lined the hallway and gave Benny his Walk of Honor as we left for his last time. We are so grateful for his years at Southern Hills and know he truly made a difference. Thank you for being part of our journey.

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