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Buddy is a star

Well, Buddy surpassed all expectations on his first therapy visit. I chose one of our favorite groups to introduce him to, teens in a behavioral treatment center. It was all girls today and they just loved him. And Buddy did everything as he was supposed to. He went from teen to teen, he turned over the belly rubs, he sat in laps and he let everyone pet him at once. I shared his unique story of being adopted from overseas and a little about what we know of his background. The girls were so proud he was “their” therapy dog. Then I asked them to rank Buddy on a scale of 1 to 10 in these areas: was he sweet, was he gentle, was he smart, was he happy and was he deserving to be saved? Everyone agreed that he was a 10 on all counts and definitely deserved to have a good life and they just loved him. One girl even said he reminded her of Benny. That warmed my heart. I will bring him to several places this week to see what he enjoys the most and where he shines.

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