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Hospice visits

The toughest part of hospice visits is you never know how many visits you will have with a client. It may be just one time or several visits over time. And then they just stop. Years ago Kirby and I saw the same client for four months which was an extraordinarily long time for hospice. But we saw this person every week for 16 visits. Kirby adored this client and we both looked forward to our Wednesday afternoons so much. And then one day they ceased. The next client we had for a lengthy bit of time was someone Benny really took to. Those visits lasted almost five months. Now we have been visiting someone for several weeks and have had some visits postponed. The favored dog with this client is Teddy and I know he misses going on these visits. To do hospice visits you have to be so flexible and understanding of how fragile the person is and the time frame for visits. I do hope we get to see this current client again. But you just never know.

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