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Lobby Visits are the Best

We love the Lobby visits at Southern Hills Hospital. We always meet the nicest people and the staff who come out to see us appreciate the animals so much. Today we had Mildred the Boxer and Chewie the Shih Tzu and Charlie. Two people were thrilled to see Mildred as they always had Boxers and that was great fun. And Chewie had his Mohawk haircut and is just the cutest thing ever. Today was especially fun for me as the nurse who brought us into the hospital all those years ago came by and we had a reunion visit. She remembers all of my therapy dogs who worked there and is very happy to see how well Charlie is doing. At one point we had over ten dogs working in her unit. One of the volunteers asked me about Benny and other staff also told me how much they remember his visits. I may see if Benny is up to another “last” visit there as so many people hadn’t gotten to his “Farewell T our!” Thanks Shawn for the great pix!

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