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Rocket Man retires

Another very tough decision was made today. Rocky won’t be renewing his Pet Partner therapy dog status. It is time to retire the little guy.  He is quite a bit older than we initially thought and while his sprit is strong, his tiny body is not. He is under four pounds and quite frail. However he still wants to run around and be a dog! He has no idea he is as old as we think he is and his sight and hearing are actually very good. He still gets eye drops twice a day since his cornea graft and he still takes some other meds, but he sure doesn’t seem bothered by anything. However he does not enjoy being touched or handled as much and he sleeps a good part of the day. He goes into his kennel in my office and curls up and just rests. Sometimes Charlie and Buddy crawl in with him and he’s just fine with that! He is losing all of his hair but is still quite handsome.  He has slowly reduced his therapy work over the last few months but the time has come. He is not up for renewal until the spring so he may go on one or two special visits as Benny did to cap off his career. Thank you to Rocky for teaching everyone what it means to be brave and resilient and live your life to the fullest.

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