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Southern Hills lobby visit again!

Angel and Charlie gathered in the lobby of Southern Hills Hospital last evening to greet staff and visitors. These lobby visits have become a staple of our partnership with SHH. It all began during Covid when we would gather outside the Emergency Room entrance to greet staff as they went home or came to work. We were there 6:00 am and 6:00 pm! Then after many months of social distancing we were permitted inside the ER waiting room. Then we slowly migrated to the hospital main lobby. In addition to our ongoing hospital visits in the main building and the behavioral health hospital, these lobby times are just so much fun. We have had several of our “other” species including a cats, guinea pig, bunny and even mini horses join in! Last night was a very quiet night with just two dogs but whomwever stopped by were thrilled to meet us. Angel is a beautiful Yellow Lab and was the best greeter possible. Then Charlie made his way from person to person giving them extra love. This was the perfect combination. One large very happy dog and one smaller more serious pup! They worked the crowd together beautifully. One little girl was soooo excited to see the dogs she sq uealed with joy!

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