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The Love Dogs at Fintech

We spent three days with our colleagues at Fintech Meetup. We provided the therapy dogs for their breaks at the convention at Aria. We were especially excited as this is such a beautiful property and the folks at Fintech have been amazing to work with coordinating everything. We expected to meet over 5,000 attendees as everyone comes to see the dogs! Several people remembered us from prior events and even asked for dogs by name. Day One we were outside the Registration area and as people arrived they saw us immediately. Days 2 & 3 we were right smack in the middle of the Exhibit Hall and everyone walked by or came to us as we were featured in the program. Each day we were there an hour and a half during break time. Perfect! They made us feel so special. Everyone by now knew the dogs were there and made their way over to our area. One thing was so funny. I took Charlie to potty and had to walk all the way down a long hallway where many people were gathered. One woman said “Oh there IS a dog here! I thought they didn’t come because we didn’t hear any barking!” I told her they were Pet Partners therapy dogs and wouldn’t bark when working so please come see the others in the Exhibit Hall!

Thank you to Tali and Luci, Stephanie and Lucy, Kelly and Mildred, Gabby and Xoco, Kristin and Gogo, Shawn, Diane and Charlie for making this corporate event such a success.

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